Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camp Out! Liam's 4th Birthday

It's been nearly a year since the last time I blogged-- the silence has not been intentional, rather, the natural consequence of what happens when a married mama with a part time job becomes a single, full time working mom with two jobs. So much to say, but not enough hours in the day. Eventually, I'll get around to writing a post that recaps our year, but for today, we have a little man's birthday to celebrate!

Liam is 4!!!!
 I had a hard time committing to a theme this year... first he requested a firetruck party just like Jack's party last year. We thought about a construction theme. Then, I got my heart set on a camping party.

I saw an invite that I fell in love with on Pinterest and recreated it myself, making a few small changes:

 Then took elements from a lot of different parties that I loved and put them together.

Liam was SUPER excited about helping make the flames for his cake (crushed/melted Lifesavers):

And he loved making his own Trail Mix:

We had tree cookies and compass cookies--
Me: "Liam, do you know what a compass is?"
L: "They're how you find your way home to your mommy."

And favor boxes with compasses, flashlights, personalized canteens and s'mores kits:

Even more s'mores to snack on:

Little Campers:

Blowing out his candles:

And my favorite part-- the outdoor movie. I borrowed a projector from work and we watched Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (the one where he goes to camp) while the kids ate hot dogs in their tents.

This is the moment I never want to forget:

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


Invitations/Signs/Labels/T-shirts: Me
Lanterns/White frames: IKEA
Trees/Favor Boxes/ Burlap/ Buckets/Scrapbook Paper for Letters: Hobby Lobby
Canteens/Camping Signs/Flashlights/Compasses: Oriental Trading
Push Pops/Stand: Ebay
Tents: Burlap from Hobby Lobby, Wood from Lowe's
Fake Campfire/Lantern String Lights: Amazon
Table Cloth: Riley Blake Wood Grain fabric

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here come the cards!


It's one of my favorite times of the year-- when Christmas cards start rolling in and I get to see the sweet faces of all of my friends' families. Since I'm not on Facebook, I LIVE for Christmas card season.

I lined up our photo shoot with our favorite photographer over the summer & a few weeks ago, we went to an urban park here in Birmingham to get some really fun shots. Now, is the fun part-- picking our cards! 

Most years I design & print my own, but this year, being a busy single working mama, I decided to enlist the help of Tiny Prints. We ordered Save the Dates from them as well as Birth Announcements, and we've always been thrilled.

Their designs this year are SO CUTE. When I made my initial favorites list, I had over 30 designs picked out. Looking through our best shots, I'm starting to narrow it down... Here are a few of my favs!

What about you? Do you have a favorite?
To see the rest of Tiny Prints' holiday card collection, click here!
Psssssst, blog friends! I've moved since last year!
If I'm on your list and you need my new address, please shoot me an email!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sound the Alarm! Jack's 2nd Birthday.

This party almost didn't happen.

I'm back at work full time (more on that another day) and working single mommy doesn't have quite as much time to pull these things together as I used to. Jack loves firetrucks, and after a few attempts to get in touch with our local fire station with no luck, I had decided that we'd just celebrate Jack's birthday with a family dinner.

Then, a week ago today, the fire station called me back-- so I scrambled to pull something together in less than a week. And you know what? It was just as fun as the parties that I spend months planning. A few less details than I would have pulled off with more time... but he doesn't care about that. Give him a donut and a firetruck and he's happy.

So, our party was brunch & a tour of our local fire department--

There were burning buildings.

Fire hydrants bursting with cinnamon & orange rolls & donuts.

Wagons full of fruit.

And firetrucks, of course.

The setup.

The mamas had Bloody Marys. (And an egg & cheese souffle.)

We stuck two candles in a chocolate donut for Jack to blow out.

We gave our friends some fun party favors.

And mama even managed to grab a pic with the birthday boy.

We headed off for our tour of the fire station-- here's our crew!

He was one happy birthday boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Jack! I love you SO much!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Liam, King of All Wild Things, turned three on Saturday.
We celebrated with a Where the Wild Things Are style Rumpus!  

The invite.

The setup.

Did you catch the handmade Max & Moishe dolls on the shelf? My friend Erin is AMAZING.

The cake was my first attempt at putting fondant on buttercream-- a baker/cake decorator I am not! However, I was really happy with this simple design & can't wait to try other things in the future.

I bought a set of these figurines on eBay-- a few of them are on the table & the others are on the shelves.

I made the Cake Pops with Oreos & cream cheese (yummy!) & the mini crowns are fondant.

We served boxed lunches-- sandwiches, chips and fruit. I made the stickers so that we knew what was in the box: Max meant Chicken Salad & Moishe meant PB&J.

A little sign on the table with a pic from the book.

These cookies were the party favors and they were well worth the 5 days it took to make them. This party really stretched my baking skills!

A total last minute project, the forks we used for cake are one of my favorite little details from the party. I tried an inkjet/mod podge transfer that I saw a tutorial on & I failed miserably. I was going to give up on these until I remembered some tshirt transfer paper I had in my craft stash. I made the design in Photoshop, printed it mirrored on the transfer paper, ironed the paper directly onto the forks, then peeled off the backing. It totally worked!

King of All Wild Things. I made these shirts with heat transfer vinyl.

Little Wild Thing.

The kids painted their own Max & Moishe on toilet paper rolls.

And we played Pin the Tail on Max, which was way too crazy to get an action shot!

Sign outside of the house:

One of the only pics I stepped into that day-- so glad there's one of me and the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, my little Wild Thing!
I love you so much!

The Details
Invitations, Envelopes, Fold Over Cookie Tags & Stickers: ChloeTate (Me)
Paper leaves, tissue pom poms and printed Where the Wild Things Are Art:  Me
Crocheted Max & Moishe: Erin from The Cozy Baby
Chipboard Letters (ROAR) & Number (3): Hobby Lobby 
"Monster Fur" table runner: Fabric Depot (LOVE that you can buy in 1/4 yard increments!)
Birch Buckets: A local shop called Leaf & Petal but they can also be found here.
Where the Wild Things Are Figurines: Ebay
Bio Plus Kraft Take Out Boxes: Paper Mart
Tree Trunk Cake Stand and small stands: My dad and his chainsaw!
Cake/Cake Pops/Cookies: Me
Plain Bamboo Forks: The Pretty Paper Shop (Design added by me.)
Shirts: Made by me, using heat transfer vinyl, but using crown and banner shapes by Olive + Birch
Pin the Tail on Max Posters & Yard Sign: Made by me, printed by VistaPrint

Special thanks to NikkiikkiN for the ideas for the cookies, table runner & birch buckets. Her party is stunning!! And always, Pinterest....I pulled together my fav ideas from lots of different parties!